Naked Ladies Party (NLP)

Get together a bunch of girlfriends (10-15) and have everyone bring in gently worn items and accessories they don’t wear anymore. It’s obvious (I think) but I’ll still state this: The items should be clean and in good condition with no major damage.

Here are some guidelines for hosting a party:

-#1: Sort items by category. Place all the shirts together, all shoes in one group, and so on.
-#2: Swap. Guests visit the various piles and try items on.
NOTE: The swapping process has the potential for conflict. One way to avoid competition and hurt feelings. One of the most creative is to hold an auction where a designated “auctioneer” holds up an item, describes it – size, fabric, brand – and takes “bids” (raised hands instead of cash) from the “audience.” Those interested try on the item to determine who should receive it. If there is a “tie,” a closed-eyes vote is held to select the “winner.”
-#3: Donate unclaimed items to charity.

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