Dear Santa, I Have Issues!

Dear Santa,
I have issues!

Issues…you say?
Issues with filling my home with
Today I took a look at the
local thrift store
and this is what I found
A glass tree $1
A set of glass candlesticks .50 for the pair
A bag of snow .50
and a box of
gold and silver christmas ornaments. $1

Yesterday I made a stop at
at Big Lots
and found these trees.
$6 for 16
Now what did
I do with all
of these
wonderful items?

The trees and snow


added to my mantle.

I filled the glass tree
with a strand of pearl beads
and sat it on top of a bookcase
with one of
my many snowmen.

The glass bulbs filled
another thrift store find
which sat beside
an apocathy jar
which was found at Goodwill.

Dear Santa,

I can’t help myself!

7 thoughts on “Dear Santa, I Have Issues!

  1. Wonderful finds. I think I could write the same little note to Santa πŸ™‚ I love how you decorated with all of your thrifty finds and I love the trees you got a Big Lots.


  2. Wow, you sure found some good deals. I have been looking for the little bottlebrush trees and every place around here is out of them and here you found 16 of them for almost nothing! (Unfortunately, no Big Lots in my area) I love how you have used everything…your mantle…I β™₯β™₯β™₯ it!


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