The New New Year’s resolution: A Treasure Map

It is that time of year

again when we all start
thinking about
our New Year’s resolutions
and what we want to
for the upcoming year.
I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions.
I tend to
on my being throughout the entire year
rather than committing to growth at the start of the new year
and then falling of the wagon a month later.
I don’t condemn anyone else in their process of growth,
but it just doesn’t work for me.
What works for me is a Treasure Map.
I am a visual person by nature
and having a reminder of the areas
I want to focus on in my life
helps me to maintain growth in those areas.
We have all heard
a tremendous amount of talk
the last few years regarding the
Law of Attraction.
I believe that our thoughts do shape our lives.
A Treasure Map uses this concept.
By using a poster board
( I use a 8×10 flat canvas board because it is really sturdy)
to paste words and images from magazines
you can create your own Treasure Map.
The idea behind a
Treasure Map
is that when you surround yourself
with images of
who you want to become
your life changes to match those desires.
I have gathered
a group of friends and family
to work on my treasure map
I have worked on mine as a solo project.
Key note
is to listen to your
Pull images, words, or quotes
that speak to you
even if you don’t know why.
The vision shown above was one
that I created through a transitional period in my life
when I was nearing the end of my divorce.
Although finding a new relationship was not what I was focusing on at the time I still included a relationship area. In it I included the symbol of a bull to represent the astrological symbol of a Taurus. My symbol is a Cancer which according to astrology is most compatible with a Taurus. 3 months after I created this vision board I met my LOVE who is has been perfect for me.
Maybe, but I like to think that it was a result of me
focusing on what I needed
at the time to heal myself
and the universe
knew that this person would help me along that path.
Christine Kane’s blog has wonderful information on how to create you own Treasure Map/Vision board along with her own story on how a vision board transformed her life. I recommend taking a look.

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