Goddess Guidebook: Letter From YOUR Angel

I just love this INSPIRATIONAL being!

The workbook & planner is still only $9.95 – and has 40 gorgeous full-colour, illustrated pages. It will help you dream, plan & grow your amazing 2010.
This world needs your beautiful big dreams… and I created this workbook so you can feel totally supported, encouraged & inspired to make them happen.
It includes:
* making habits that are nourishing & supportive for you
* creating goddess goals in every part of your gorgeous life
* a soulful & practical system for making those goals & dreams come true
* bucketloads more.
If this feels like something that is right for you, you can read more & get your own copy sent to you instantliano (that’s Italian for instant… I think! hee hee hee) at:
My wish for you
… and for all of us.May 2010 be filled with all the joy, love & support we need on our journeys.May we learn the beautiful lessons we need to, and receive the sacred medicine that is best for us.May we know that we are helped on this journey… that we can ask our angels and guides for their help whenever we need.May we know that we can create the big, beautiful dreams that rest within our souls.And may we remember at every step of the path just how loved we are, just how radiant we are, and just what goddesses we are.
I am so blessed to know you, dear goddess sister.

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