Tonight I sat down and

was finally able to

put together my

2010 Treasure map.

My word for 2010 is


I continue to feel BLISSful in my relationship…

Everyday I LOVE him MORE and MORE!

As I navigate

the road of SELF GROWTH

I revival in the BLISSful discoveries…

of who I have BEEN,

of who I will BECOME,

and of who I AM.

The relationships I have formed

throughout the years are all unique and diverse

BLISSfully encouraging me to explore

different aspects of my personality.

I love my FRIENDS…

each and everyone of them.

I am blessed

to have a large network

of women in my life who are

loving, encouraging, sympathetic, strong, and forgiving.

I look forward to more great moments with them in 2010.

I fill myself with BLISS

as I tackle my and I mean TACKLE

my warped ideas of body image.

It is always a work in progress,

but I continue to tell myself

I am a beautiful woman as I AM.

I am participating in MOSAIC MONDAY.

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