Wishcasting Wednesday: Shine

Jamie Ridler asks today “How do you wish to shine?”…

I answer by saying I wish to “SHINE” by being

a beacon of inspiration

for other women to

BE who you are meant to BE.

Live everyday in your

own true light so that

you can “SHINE”.

Dress yourself in the

jewels of your soul

for the whole world

to see and appreciate.

Decorate life!

Each and everyone one

of us struggles with ourselves

from time to time,

but by being steadfast

in who you are

you can navigate through

life struggles with

integrity and grace.

Don’t be bound

by how others define you…

break the mold!

Appreciate and honor

the other women around you

for who they are also.

Strengthen relationships and emotional bonds!

Through community we can
heal and support one another.
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