28 thoughts on “More Repurposing Ideas

  1. I made the jewelry organizer! I love it! A few ideas… I purchased the drawer handles and door pulls and a few coat type hangers that you attach to back of door. First purchase those items, then you can determine how thick the wood needs to be. I had a piece of particle board that i used and it was thick enough to drill and attach the pulls and handles. DRILL FIRST, then attach fabric. I used burlap also. Then feel where holes are and attach all the hardware. I used a staple gun to attach the burlap and ribbon on top of the board. I did find that I didn't use enough hardware! It sure filled up fast, so I used some decorative push pins to fill in. My board was 2 feet by 2 feet and was a perfect size. Also you need to attach some sort of hardware to hang the board, making sure they are strong enough, with the weight of the board and jewelry.


  2. Can anyone suggest an idea for a collection of beautiful, colorful but heavy, glass paper weights. I have about 4 dozen, and would love to display them creatively.


  3. I loved your version and spin on the jewelry holder made with a burlap background. Such a feminine and southern touch at the same time. I personally did the same thing but with pegboards and vintage handles and knobs from a thrift store. The board is white and the knobs and such are metallic silver. Loved your spin! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Same here. Can you please give us the specifics on that. It's really neat and I would actually make it.

    Thanks so much!!


  5. Sorry, but I did not make this item. You can find the jewelry organizer on the Better Homes & Gardens website by clicking the photo source underneath the photo.


  6. http://www.bhg.com/decorating/storage/organization-basics/small-item-storage/#page=9

    The lastest link to the jewelry organizer….Since the explosion of Pinterest I receive many emails or comments regarding the above jewelry organizer. As I stated at the beginning of the post I did not make the project. 2 years ago when I shared the blog post it had the original photo source to BHG. That has now changed. The project to my knowledge has never had directions included on BHG. I shared the photo because I found inspiration in repurposing drawer pulls to store necklaces & earrings not because I created it myself. Pinterest does have links to other bloggers who have completed the project using their own ideas and directions. Thank you for stopping by A Woman's Haven. Feel free to email me any questions. awomanshaven@hotmail.com


  7. These ideas are really very creative. Who would ever think that drawer pulls may be used for jewelry organizer? I definitely did not think of that. The map gift wrapping is also so cool. I guess it will surely stir curiosity and more excitement if you did receive a gift wrapped on a map. Thank you for sharing.


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