A Beautiful Ripple Effect

This woman SPEAKS my language!!
I am perfectly imperfect.
 I have embraced my perfectionist personality enough to make it a part of who I am,
for better or worse.
And surprisingly, I have come to celebrate what makes me imperfect,
to shed light on the parts of myself that don’t fit together cohesively into a nice neat container. While part of me craves
 structure, routines, labels, and definitions,
 there is a huge part of me that wants to venture beyond the known,
the safe and cozy comfort zone.
For it’s through venturing off into side roads
and unmapped territory
that we can discover and create
 rather than steer solely in cruise control.
That’s where I am today and where I hope to be tomorrow,
one step at a time nourishing the sparkly moments along the way
as well as overcoming the less-than-sparkly moments
 that are always a part of the journey. 
I feel like I’m finally settling into my identity
 rather than trying to constantly redefine it.
 This is me… who I am, authentically and wholeheartedly.
 I am all in.

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