What will you shine a light on in 2011?


What will I SHINE a light on in 2011?
I plan to Celebrate more!
According to the authors of “Why Good Things Happen to Good People” celebration is one of the most important ways that we express gratitude. Notice a theme going on here?
I try to make gratitude a daily practice of mine, but this year I want to take it one step further. Celebration is gratitude in action.
What do I plan to celebrate?…
{daily routines}
{My relationships}
{Seasonal shifts & Holidays}
{simple moments}
Celebration creates joy & I plan to find every reason under the sun to celebrate.
Share with me what you would like to celebrate in 2011…
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Celebrating with others this week..



5 thoughts on “What will you shine a light on in 2011?

  1. Morning Chas….what a lovely name certainly prettier than my own. I thought this was a super post. I'm not sure about 2011 yet but will be making my own list up soon over the next few days. I was only talking to Hubby this morning about being grateful and I would say that every day we really are grateful for what we have and appreciate it. It never hurts to reflect from time to time on it does it? Anyway the coincidence of my conversation with him then reading your post was enough to make me comment here and to follow you having browsed around your lovely blog. I love the linky parties. I only recently discovered them so I have made a note to come back and join in your next one.
    Drop by any time..you'll be most welcome.
    warm wishes
    Carol from http://www.facing50withhumour.blogspot.com (a vision of the future!)


  2. Found you via Bloggy Moms – I'm a new member! Loving your blog and especially this post. Yes, there is always something to celebrate and we should often take a step back and remember that.

    A very happy new year to you, and wishing you a very prosperous 2011.

    CJ xx


  3. Stopped by to follow your blog from the Monday Hop Along with Me blog hop… do comment/follow me back 🙂
    Have a Happy Holiday Season!
    Positive Kismet Blog


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