Everybody Got Their Something

I am completely loving this song right now.

I started 2011 by nurturing myself and my family at home.

We slept in & stayed in our pajamas “most” of the day.

Watched movies, listened to music, & kept cozy warm with a treat or two.


Everybody has their something!

Start 2011 with your something!

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21 thoughts on “Everybody Got Their Something

  1. There is no better way to bring in the new year….jammies are my best friends:) Love the header and this great blog! Thanks so much for joining us at FTLOB! I'm proud to be a new reader of yours! Enjoy this marvelous day:) xoxo


  2. Here sharing the love and now dying for hot chocolate with sweeties on it!! MMM! Love those days you slob about in pjs watching movies with cuddles – they're usually linked to sickness though? Great site and i love that the title could be read as woman shaven – lol!! Sorry. My mum would say I was over-tired, well around 38 years ago she might have. Happy 2011. Shah. X


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