Idea File: No-Knit Scarf

For Christmas, My daughter received a cute crème & lime patterned pea coat.
We thought it would be a fun project for us to make a No-Knit scarf like Martha would do.


WhisperWood Cottage

All Things Heart and Home

7 thoughts on “Idea File: No-Knit Scarf

  1. Wow, that's awesome, a no knit scarf, gotta love that!! I think the jacket is so cute & the scarf looks perfect with it:) Love it! Thanks for sharing:)


  2. Well I never!!!! That's just brilliant. And so adorable!!!
    I couldn't believe how you did this, I had to go back through and look again!
    All Things Heart and Home
    (I'm a new follower!)


  3. Thank you for all the wonderful comments! You are rigth Amy is does remind me of a macrame knots. It is actually a square knot done in a repetative pattern. I am going to try it again with thicker yarn. That size work perfect for her because she likes a smaller scarf. I like mine thick and cozy.


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