I Spy: Style Statement

 I am going to repost this because I thought it was very fitting for {Little Miss Momma}’s edition of I SPY this week.

As I work through the Style Statement book I thought it would be fun to post a few photos of some of my everyday jewelry items.
I like to stick to things that I love and these are a few items that I love to wear quite often.
I’m really not into anything fancy. I like dangly earrings and bracelets mostly. All in silver.


I really enjoy gemstones jewelry. Moonstone is my favorite.


My favorite moonstone ring…I wear this almost daily.


My bracelets that I love to wear. My Pandora bracelet is another daily favorite of mine. I received it last year for Christmas and each charm has significance.


These are beaded earrings that were my great grandmother’s. I love having an item that once belonged to her.


My favorite sterling silver jewelry holder! I love the design and the weight of it.


Well there you go…a glimpse into my jewelry box.
More to come. As I said before I am really enjoying the book.

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