31 Days: {Day 1} Finding Inspiration & Gratitude

I am participating in the 31 Days of Change over at {The Nesting Place}. I am going to attempt to post daily what inspires me and what I am grateful for. I have been in a rut since becoming pregnant in May. Exhaustion was the theme throughout summer which left me very little time to be inspired. Projects and daytrips were put on hold until I had more energy. Although I still get tired very easily I need something creative to focus on. I am hoping that this project is just what I need. I also hope others find inspiration and gratitude also!

Finding Inspiration:


{31 Ways to Brighten Your Day}

Positively Present has {10 Tips For Enjoying Fall}!

A Beautiful Ripple Effect shared {18 Guideposts for your journey}.

Finding Gratitude:

I am grateful for my growing belly with my active little one inside.


I am grateful for a weekend away with my daughter.


I am grateful for my sonโ€™s soccer season.


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