Coffee Talk Tuesday & A little Heart Therapy

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Welcome! Come on in and join me for a cup of coffee on this fine Tuesday. Let’s catch up on what’s been going on in our lives. Share and support each other.

What has been going on with me? Well I am a full 6 months prego last week!. Some days I feel great, other days I feel extremely tired and huge. It warms my heart with joy to wake up every morning to an active moving baby. Sometimes I lay in bed longer than time allows just so I can feel my tummy bouncing around with an active baby. I can’t wait to welcome our little one into our family. You see this is going to be a big change for our lifestyle. My two children are teenagers and it has been 13 years since I have had a baby. I am essentially starting over into a life that I had already maneuvered and grew through many years ago. Divorce, new relationship, engaged, new baby = starting all over again. I have always enjoyed motherhood and knew it was as essential part of what made me who I am. So it feels completely natural for me to be here again.

As I enter this new phase of my life all over again the thing that has been on my mind are relationships. Relationships with friends who aren’t as prominent in my life as they once were. I became pregnant and I stopped hearing from or having interaction with a few friends. I am struggling with this. I feel like I should be and need to be grateful for my friends and family who have been there to share the ups and a few downs of this pregnancy, but I mourn the change in the relationships of those who haven’t. In all honesty I am a little hurt and resentful towards those relationships. I don’t want to be, but I am. I love these quotes…

so true...

love them and let them go

They speak to me on how I am feeling.

I know that I will be fine and everything happens for a reason, but during this transitionary period in my life I wonder what the future will bring. Happiness, Gratitude, joy, Growth and moving forward? Thank you for listening today. It was a much needed talk. I needed an outlet for how I was feeling.

I am thankful for the following things this week…

A sweet, emotional, and sentimental proposal on Friday…

My beautiful ring…


Date night & Sweetest Day flowers…


Great Fall weather…


A growing belly…

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Coffee Talk Tuesday & A little Heart Therapy

  1. congrats to you! so exciting. glad you are feeling pretty good and everything is going well with your pregnancy. three months to go..not long now! i totally agree with those quotes by the way, too. oh–and beautiful ring!


  2. Congratulations on being 6 months pregnant – I remember that feeling well. Nothing quite like it!!!
    I'm sorry your are feeling a bit abandoned but you can always come and chat to your blogger friends.


  3. Wow, a baby, an engagement and many dear friends. There is a lot to be grateful for, Chas. I do think that friendships can often ebb and flow depending on where we are at in our life. x


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