Halloween Fun: Slime Recipe


Mix equal parts of liquid starch and white glue into a bowl.
Add a few drops of food coloring. I choose a few drops of neon green and then added a few drops of regular green. Mix together until all liquid has disappeared.






All packaged up to give away on Halloween!


Another fun project is making spider webs out of coffee filters. Just fold and cut like a snowflake.


Glue on a spider and glitter and you are done!



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4 thoughts on “Halloween Fun: Slime Recipe

  1. O.k. I found this pinned on Pinterest – and I just tried it today – I did equal parts of glue to liquid starch – but it came out very runny and clumpy (the starch would not mix in all the way). Any idea of what went wrong?? Very frustrating because my girls were looking forward to playing with it today 😦 Hope that you can help!


  2. The few times that I have made this I had one batch that started out lumpy, but the more it was played with and kneaded it smoothed out. Hope it works out!


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