April Bloom Book Club

This last week was our first official Bloom Book Club meeting.

Bloom Book club with logo When we met last month for the very first time we choose this book…

When we came together this month we had 8 of us in attendance. It was fun to share our thoughts of the book selection. Since the characters of this book were created from actual old black & white photos I asked each participant to bring along one or two old family photos to share with the group. It was fun to see what each of us brought.

I shared these family photos…

 IMG_20140406_102417_691 IMG_20140406_102428_651 IMG_20140406_102443_624 (1) IMG_20140406_102453_709

Most of us agreed that we will be reading the second book in this series, but we didn’t choose it for our April book selection. Instead we choose this…

We wanted to read the book before the movie came out and then we will make it an outing for us all see the movie together. What fun! right?

What are you currently reading?

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