Baby Shower: Winter Wonderland Decor

The color scheme for our gender neutral baby shower was Winter Wonderland. Our little one is due in January so we thought it would be fun to embrace the season and use lots of white in the décor. I decorate my home in white, blues, snowflakes, and clear glass this time of year so that … Continue reading Baby Shower: Winter Wonderland Decor

DIY Clay Ornaments

Here's what you'll need... • 1 box baking soda (about 2 cups)• 1 cup cornstarch• 11/2 cups water• Sauce pan• Bowl• Spoon• Plastic wrap Here's how you make it... 1. Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring consistently, until it is too thick to stir with a spoon. 2. … Continue reading DIY Clay Ornaments