Happy Thursday Friends!

Some of my favorite types of blog posts from other bloggers are those posts that share everyday life. Living Intentional is my theme for 2017, I thought it would be fun to slow down for a moment and share a few things I have currently been paying attention to this month!

Currently I am…


Lots of homemade soups- Lately I have made at least one soup each week. This month I made swedish meatball soup, tortillini soup, & sausage potato soup.


Victoria on PBS



Small Great Things: A Novel by Jodi Picoult


To some of my most favorite podcasts

The Happy Hour

Jump Start Your Joy
Possibilitarian Podcast


Progress on logging inventory for an upcoming Spring vintage sale & my Etsy shop.



Relieved that I easily made it through surgery and am recovering well. I am also feeling grateful for all the help my Mom gave me over the last two weeks.


Spring projects… I want to repaint my kitchen cabinets this Spring. I have almost all the supplies ready and just need to make sure I am well and have a full weekend to tackle the project.

Loving &  Enjoying:

Watching our little guy’s first basketball season. It is such fun to watch them learn and grow.



We celebrated out little guy’s fifth birthday at the end of January. He had a school friend over to celebrate for the first time too.



White Lacy Shirts for Spring




Two-toned kitchen cabinet inspiration



What are some of your current favorites?

Living with Intention- January Recap


Happy Tuesday Friends!

This week is a busy, busy week around our home! My husband has three away basketball games, I am hosting my monthly “blind date” book club, my mom and I are hosting a vintage sale two nights, we are going away for a night this weekend, my son has his own basketball practice and game and I am prepping at work for a few days off next while I have a surgical procedure… lots going on this week. All good stuff, but this introvert might need to hide one evening!

I wanted to share with you how I did last month on being intentional. You can find all the details of my original post {HERE}. As I also shared last month I love using my bullet journal! My self-care habit tracker page each month helps me to see when I am on track with what I would like to focus on & when I need to reset and begin focusing again. I will share in a later post how I specifically use this page and share a free printable for you to use too.


Start a Nightly Skin Routine– I really started out strong on this routine at the beginning of the month through the middle of the month. I began getting a little relaxed with the routine by the end of the month. I definitely need to reset in this area!

Meal Prep Each Sunday – I feel like I did pretty good in this area throughout the month. I have always meal planned on some level for our weekly nights, but taking the time to also prep some of the food for lunch and snacks over the weekend really helped me to grab healthy items on the go.

Schedule Regular Bodywork Appointments Each Month– I scheduled biweekly massages and chiropractor appointments in January. I loved making this time commitment for myself! With my surgery coming up next week I will most likely not be able to do this more than once this month, but plan to still make it a priority once I am healed.


Setup a Monthly Budget at the Start of Each Month– I just finished up my planning for February and also did it for January too. This is another item that I faithfully added into my bullet journal and it just really helps me stay on track. I also took all of my misc. money from selling a few things that I purged while cleaning and my clothing consignment items into an extra savings account. I thought it would be a fun way to save money for my son’s graduation party and next year’s Christmas shopping. After a month I was already surprised at how much I was able to put aside from just purge unused items in our house.

Organize Photos from 2009 to 2016– I took one afternoon and began working on this project. I don’t feel like I made much progress because I take a ton of photos, but I am also not putting a ton of pressure on myself to complete this soon either. This may take me the full year to purge, organize and print into books and I am 100% okay with that. I will still continue to keep you updated on my progress in this area each month.


Schedule a Coffee/Lunch Date Each Week– I followed through with this each week and was so grateful for the time with my friends throughout the month!


Set Down My Phone–Definitely a work in progress! I did happen to get a couple books read in Januaryouple books read in January, but I still reach for my phone far to much for my liking.


Daily Gratitude Practice– After a month of incorporating this into my daily bullet journal it really is becoming a habit for me which I absolutely love!

All in all January was a great month! I look forward to staying on track throughout February and maybe adding one or two new intentions as some of the items become habits. What are you focusing on for February?

How I am Living with Intention in 2017


Happy Friday Friends!

I really enjoy this time of year! It is the time of year when I get to reflect on last year and create fresh starts for the upcoming year. I am not one for resolutions, but I do like to be aware of the things I would like to manifest in my life. I try to intentional set aside time and room to create those things that I may need to maintain or grow.

After last year’s whirlwind of change, I wanted to start out this year with a little bit more intention in certain areas of our life. Some areas have more room for growth, where others are just maintaining what currently works for us.

First lets understand what Intentional Living is…

Intentional living is any lifestyle based on an individual or group’s conscious attempts to live according to their values and beliefs. These can include lifestyles based on religious or ethical values, as well as coaching, personal transformation, and leadership training.

What does living an intentional life mean to me? It means that I am going to be intentional with some of my practices and actions in certain areas of our life.

 Here are some of the areas I am hoping work on:


Start a Nightly Skin Routine– I suffer from mild rosacea so taking care of my skin is a must. I have begun using coconut oil to remove all my makeup each night and then following it up by applying witch hazel. I also wash my face every morning using Neem Oil. In just a couple of weeks of faithfully doing this I have already noticed significant changes in the brightness of my skin.

Meal Prep Each Sunday – One of the main culprits on unhealthy eating  for me is not prepping for my breakfast and lunch meals. I tend to eat on the go or not at all. I am then very hungry by late afternoon and pile all my daily calories on in a short period of time.

Schedule Regular Bodywork Appointments Each Month– I feel so much better after a massage or chiropractor appointment, but I wait way to long in between them.


Setup a Monthly Budget at the Start of Each Month– On the 1st Sunday of each month it is my plan to sit down and  schedule all our  monthly bill payments, weekly payroll, and savings allocations. We have faithfully used MINT to track our monthly expenses for over a year now. Using the online system helped us get a better idea of what we were actually spending and in what areas we could create realistic budgets for. By sitting down at the beginning of the month to do the monthly bills and spending allocations it takes it off my plate throughout the rest of the month. It also helps so nothing gets missed because of having a busy schedule.

Organize Photos from 2009 to 2016– I have obviously needed to do this for some time, but life always gets in the way. Documenting our life thru photos is a favorite pastime of mine and it way overdue that I get the photos organized and something done with them. I need to go back through each year and delete any photos that are not of good quality and no longer needed. I hope to create a photo book for each year also.


Schedule a Coffee/Lunch Date Each Week– I am so bad sometimes at making time to connect with my friends in person, but I can’t tell you how much better having that time makes me feel.


Set Down My Phone– I am sure many of us struggle with this, I specifically don’t want to  mindlessly scroll thru Facebook or Pinterest each night. I deleted Facebook off my phone  hoping to curb this. Unfortunately it lasted a day and I then downloaded it again…work in progress.


Daily Gratitude Practice– Since September I have ventured into creating a bullet journal, as part of my bullet journal I have created a page for recording 3 things I am grateful for each day. The small things add up and often get overlooked during the business of our day. I always enjoy taking a couple of minutes to reflect back on what was great about my day.

What areas are you hoping to work on in 2017?

Thank you for stopping by!

Taking a Look Back on 2016

Happy Thursday Friends!

It is so hard to believe that 2016 is coming to a close! We had so many changes happen to us in 2016. All of which we didn’t foresee or really even plan for, we just had faith throughout the process that the timing of these changes presented themselves to us at a time when we were supposed to move forward with them.


The first big change for us was that we bought a new house. One year ago this week, on a whim I was looking through Zillow and saw a house that we “eventually” would be interested in… by “eventually” I meant 5 years from now.  After showing the listing to my husband and discussing it, we decided to make an appointment for a showing… figuring what could it hurt? Why worry about a decision when we needed to see the home first… If it was what we eventually were looking for then we would decide what to do moving forward after seeing it. Within a couple of days of the viewing we were putting in an offer on the new house and prepping our older home to be put on the market. We moved into our new home the first weekend in March.



Another big, big change for us was that after 12 years of working for a nearby school district my husband took a new job with our hometown school district. He left an administrator job that he loved, but had long hours to go back to teaching in the classroom. With our littlest guy approaching school age, the long hours he was working each day would have taken a toll and prevented him from being able to attend sporting and school events for Kellen. It was a hard decision for him because he was comfortable in his position, enjoyed his coworkers and loved what he did, but overall it was the best decision for our family. After coaching varsity girl’s basketball he also switched and accepted the varsity boy’s basketball coaching position at the new job.


A few other changes we had throughout the year were that I completed my first year in my new job as our small town Chamber Director.

collage_20150725131008791I began selling my vintage finds at a couple outdoor flea markets this Summer.




I styled and decorated a friend’s small wedding and reception in the Spring.img_20160512_193741535


I re-branded my blog to consolidate it with my Let’s Create Events and moved it to WordPress, I re-branded and then reopened my Etsy shop and I began hosting more Let’s Create Events on regular schedule.



I am so excited to start 2017 and see what it holds for us. After last year being the year of Faith and Change… I am looking forward to being a bit more intentional in our everyday living, goals, and decisions. I am excited to share the whole year of 2017 here with you all too.

Thank you for reading!
I hope you are looking forward to following along too!

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Shades of the Season: An Autumn Walk

Happy Friday Friends!

I am here today sharing a few photos from around our small Michigan town!

Have you been to Michigan in the Fall? I can’t imagine anything more beautiful.

Summers are pretty great too, but Fall allows you to slow down and take in the beauty around us… which I just love!


As we slow down in the Fall I often find myself in a more reflective mood. I have the time to think, plan and organize our life a little bit better than Summer allows.


I am more content with taking time to just be still. Whether that be by getting up earlier than everyone else each morning and starting my day with some quiet time or even going to bed earlier each night, I allow myself the extra time to slow down.


I feel like it is an essential part of the season.


Doing my best to stay with the rhythm of the season is important to me and I try to incorporate it in our family in all the little ways I can.


Getting out and enjoying the warmer days in the Fall is one of the ways we enjoy this season of the year. Letting some of the extra energy out before Winter forces us to really slow down is essential and our little guy really loves taking walks in our beautiful park.

The park has a beautiful walkway along the river. It is one of my most favorite places in town.





What do you love about Fall?

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Worthing Court