Making Way For Baby




I have been busy clearing out my spare (craft) room. This will now be the nursery for out little one who is due in January 2012.


I have positioned my work table in the hallway upstairs. Much smaller space, but it is forcing me to really go through my stuff to make it all fit. Do you see the room at the end? That is my daughter’s room. She spent all day Sunday cleaning it! As you can see it was pretty messy. I love her dearly, but she has never been a child who kept her room clean. Always a challenge for her. I keep hoping that once she gets to be an adult she will become more organized.


I was busy painting picture frames on Sunday. Some of which will be a part of the nursery.



This dark turquoise color is one of the colors for the nursery. We won’t be finding out what we are having. I figured the color can go either way depending on the colors I pair it with. I have a dark pink picked out and a light green.



My creative mess! It will be pretty eventually! My energy is finally picking up, but it definitely takes me longer to get projects done right now.


4 thoughts on “Making Way For Baby

  1. Love the frame idea! and I know it's going to look great eventually. We're in the midst of renovating two small rooms and things are a mess, so I know it can be hard to be patient.


  2. Many a room in my house has looked “creative” for long periods of time! :0) I'll bet your space will look wonderful when you're all done!


  3. LOVE this blue color! Where oh where did you find it – and looks like it may be a spray paint too – be still my beating heart!

    I'm working on my little baby to be's nursery and this is the color I have been looking for. I would love it if you could tell me the brand/color of what you've used – it is simply perfect 🙂


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