Baby Shower Activity: DIY Onesies


Items needed:

Onesies {various sizes}
Stencils: We made ours out of contact paper so that they would stick to the material.
Small pieces of cardboard
Lots of creativity & fun!

Step 1: Cut your design out of contact paper
Step 2: Stick contact paper stencil to material {onesie}
Step 3: Insert cardboard in between the layers of fabric
Step 4: Dab paint onto material & stencil
Continue to leave stencil on fabric while you layer different colors.
Step 5: Pull off stencil
Step 6: Let air dry





See all the great designs my baby shower guests come up with.



Activity tip: Stencils were precut and applied to material with cardboard inserted in the onesies before guests arrived so they could just grab the design that they wanted to decorate. Creativity was supplied by the guests.

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