36 Week Belly Shot


I grew some more over the last four weeks, but I feel like I have also dropped some.

I would love to give an update saying how wonderful I feel, but I would be lying if I did. The truth is that I am not sleeping, my belly feels enormous and heavy, baby is pushing on everything and my hips hurt and are soar most days. I still love feeling out little one move around, but more often than not it also causes major discomfort. I am eager and anxious to meet our little one and to see if we are having a boy or a girl. Our due date is January 31st, but I would be very surprised if I make it that long. At this point I can’t imagine being this uncomfortable and working for the next four weeks.




11 thoughts on “36 Week Belly Shot

  1. Oh, your pictures are just too cute. While you're feeling, well, very pregnant to say the least, thanks for letting your readers see the beauty of a growing little one. The “coming soon” on the chalkboard was too cute too!

    Happy seeing beautiful!


  2. Gosh, only 4 weeks to go! How exciting for you! Like most mums, it's that bit at the end that gets so uncomfortable, so I really do feel for you! Let's hope that the little one will make its appearance sooner rather than later!! Keep us posted.


  3. You look FABULOUS! Honestly! I think those last weeks are just plain hard. You're tired of being pregnant, the body hurts, and you just want to meet the baby. You'll get there. Real soon. And then I'll get to come over and see your sweet little babe.

    You CAN do it. 🙂


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