House Haven Tour: The Lovely Cupboard


Hello there! I’m Heather from The Lovely Cupboard.

My home is a haven because it’s a collection of things that make me feel comfortable, grounded, and inspired.

Lovely Cupboard living room console table[1]
I used paint colors that have an icy cool feel as you move from room to room. Whites, grays, blues and taupe make me feel at ease.
Lovely Cupboard living room sofa


I appreciate the use of bold paint colors in other homes and know how enlivening they can be, but they aren’t for me. I feel relaxed with my color palette.

Lovely Cupboard Den details coffee table

I feel grounded as I see pieces around my home that were passed to me from my mother and grandmother.
Lovely Cupboard book case 1 FLR

Many of them were collected from their travels all over Europe and Asia.

Lovely Cupboard book case close up

While heirlooms are only things, and things cannot buy us happiness or heritage, they do make me feel connected to family and serve as a constant reminder of where I come from.

Lovely Cupboard den 6

I feel inspired by the process of creating a room over time. My rooms never stay the same long, and I’m learning allow a room to evolve with me as I grow and change as well.

Thank you Heather for sharing your haven!

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