Daily Wisdom

I found this saying {HERE} and just fell in love with it. I tend to reflect a lot in January as I look to the upcoming year and what I want or need to focus on in my life. It got me thinking about what hurts would I write in the sand and what blessings would I carve into stone from the previous year?

My Stone Carvings:

These two! They bring so much fun, joy, understanding, and truth to who I am!


This one! A new addition to a family really is a blessing!


This man! My partner in life!


This moment! So sweet!


These friends! Laughter, understanding, love, honesty & loyalty!

Morgan 009

This family! They fill our life!


My Sand writings:

Sibling squabbles!
Forgetful friends!
Lost friendships!

What would you write in the sand or carve into a stone?


3 thoughts on “Daily Wisdom

  1. That is a great quote. You have a beautiful family and it nice to be able to wash some of our hurts right out to sea. 🙂
    I hope you are well, I bet you are getting so excited and uncomfortable. 😉


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