A New Momma

A new haircut, new hair color, and some new clothes do wonders for a new momma’s spirit!



After a long pregnancy and rough delivery I needed some sprucing up! I was able to get out for a little bit last week to pamper myself. I shed a few tears before leaving our little one home with Dad and Grandma and hurried home directly after finishing up my appointment, but was so happy to have a couple hours to myself to rejuvenate.



9 thoughts on “A New Momma

  1. Beautiful! Many congratulations. I love how the world instantly became a better place when your little one entered it. There was just so much more love to give.

    Happy seeing beautiful (and glad you got a few minutes for you today)!


  2. He's adorable! I remember getting my hair cut after having a baby and just feeling soooo much better. It's so needed after giving so much of yourself 🙂

    (visiting from the simple things)


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