Bedroom Gallery Wall


I finally put together a hodgepodge of things that I love to create a gallery wall in our bedroom. Some of the items were elsewhere in the house alone and some were just needing a place to plant themselves.

What I love most about the items I choose is that I can change out the photos or mementos as I fall in love with other things or just need a change.

Empty frame gives us a pop of color and a place to add more items at anytime.


This at one time had a home in my kitchen as a magnetic board. It was once a silver tray that I painted white. I love it here and again so easy to change out what is inspiring me.


I made these {Photo Clip Frames} awhile back and never really did find a permanent home for them. Now I do! They go right along with the theme of having a place to change the things I am loving at any moment.


I just love both of these items and they bring in some much needed color!


This is a favorite photo of mine….It brings a smile to my face every time I see it!


Some of the littlest gestures mean the most. I found this note left on our bathroom mirror for me.


What items mean the most to you? How do you display them in your home?



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