A Visit to Our State Capitol


One of the things I love about visiting the Michigan State Capitol in the Spring is all of the beautiful apple blossoms. I have an work event each Spring at our Capitol building that I attend for work. The great thing about it is that I can take my kids along with me and make a day out of it. The event is focused on the importance of supporting family and children in our state. We come together as a group to meet with our legislators and tour the state building. It is always a unique experience and fun. I live in a rural community so I am quite familiar with our state representative and senator. In the past we have gotten a tour of each of their offices as well as meeting with them. You can see this post recapping one of our other visits {HERE}.


This year I took our little guy along. My mom graciously offered to go with me to help out with him as well. He had a blast roaming the large lawn. He actually didn’t stop moving unless he was in our stroller.


Every time I tour the building I am in awe of the beautiful dome and structure of the building!


I am hoping to make more time for blogging again. I have really missed it, but daily life has kept me rather busy. I am addicted to Instagram and you can follow me there as well.

My user name is chas_holmquist

Hope to see you there!


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