Simply Sunday

Here are some things I am loving from around the web this week…

These {TIPS} for styling open shelving from At Home In Love.

Natalie’s new coffee bar.

This 2014 Stargazing Guide…so fun!

I love this over at The Fresh Exchange…her words spoke to me.

I have realized I am introverted, I enjoy the quiet, I need my creative space, I need to explore, I need to strive and reach beyond, I am competitive, I am an optimist, I have an adventurous soul, I am not a big city girl, I enjoy Friday nights at home with a record played & wine, my gut knows best, I am an explorer, I am meant to tell a story, I need to create wildly, and most importantly I am stronger than I let myself think I am. This year I have found that groove I have been searching for. It has made me realize what matters most in life and what makes me feel whole. It has left me with a sense of strength in my decisions and an acceptance of my imperfections.

I am a sucker for anything red!

This dresser

and this one…

Sophie’s journals always, always inspire me

and her thoughts on living simply when you are a collector at heart spoke to me as well.

Michelle’s new studio space is just beautiful!

What are you loving this week?


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