How I Style Shelves using Vintage Items

I wanted to pop in and share how I styled my dining room shelves using vintage items and my favorite formula for decorating. Awhile back I shared this office area of our basement. In the post I shared the formula I use when putting together most areas of our home. Colorful vintage item(s) + a white or neutral item(s) + a wood tone item(s) I also tend to put together an area by adding the items in groups of three.


DIY Faux Mercury Glass Bottles

I also spent a few days in January getting the rest of my Christmas decor put away and "quieting" the surfaces in our home. As much as I enjoy decorating for the Holidays I always love the freshness of our home after things are put away following the Holidays. I keep a few winter decor items out here and there, but try to keep the decor mostly simple. I chose to keep my faux mercury glass bottles out as part of my Winter decor and thought it would be fun to share how I made them.

Christmas Past

Last week was such a busy week, for those reading who do not know me, I am the Chamber Director is our small Michigan town. The weekend following Thanksgiving we hold an annual Holiday kickoff festival in which I am in charge of. It is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! To top last week off I also became sick the previous weekend. I am feeling much, much better now and am excited to share a little bit of Christmas inspiration from our previous home.

Vintage Plate Wall Combinations

A few weeks ago I shared my vintage plate wall. It is one of my favorite corners of our kitchen/dining room. I have always been drawn to collecting old plates. At one time I collected red transfer-ware.I loved that collection, but about 7 years ago we bought a house that had blue carpet and the collection just didn't go with that house. I began decorating our old home with more grays and blues.

Making a Jug Lamp

Today I am sharing a project I have done a number of times. When cleaning out my grandma's barn we came across a ton of old jugs and I knew I wanted to re purpose them into something. I had been wanting to try make a lamp from an old jug for a while. The jugs that cleaned up well I left clear. The other jugs that were still a little cloudy after cleaning I painted using spray paint.