Along The Way

Behind our home is a walking path that we use almost daily in the Spring, Summer and Fall. It is transformed into a snowmobile trail in the Winter so we steer clear of it then.
The path is an old railway that is now paved for walking and biking.
It goes right through our little rural town just as the old railway did.


Because it crosses with another trail right in the middle of town we affectionately call ourselves “Crossroads”. We even has a Summer festival called the Crossroads Festival.


A few years ago our town rebuilt a replica of the original train depot that sat on the “crossroad” of the two railways.


It is now a place that has an indoor and outdoor community space including an outdoor fireplace and fire pit. My baby shower was held in the indoor space.
A favorite route of mine is to travel through the covered bridge and head down to the trail that continues along the river.


The river walk connects the two town parks and you almost always have someone to pass along the way sharing a friendly smile & wave.


Having this path for us to walk and enjoy nature on a regular basis even in spite of living right in the city makes it an even more special place to to call home.



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