House Haven Tour: The Simple Things

Thank you so much to Chas for having me! I am Angela from The Simple Things where I blog about enjoying the simple things in life as well as ways to simplify your life. I am honored to be posting at one of the first blogs I followed! Today I am sharing a bit of my home with you. We bought our home new and were lucky enough to not have to do any work to it other than decorate. It is our forever house and I pictured us living here years before we moved in. My husband and I moved in when I was 7 months pregnant with our first (and only so far) baby so the nursery was a priority for us and we poured ourselves into this project.

My husband and I painstakingly applied this vinyl tree decal which I ordered online thinking it would be easier than painting a tree. It was NOT since the tree was sent in 79 individual pieces!
I love how it turned out though.
I would sit in the chair in this room we created for this little person we had not met yet, rubbing my belly and wondering…who would he or she be? Anticipating the time we would spend in this room together, rocking and reading and playing and laughing… Wondering how our life would change, but knowing I would love him or her so, so much because I already did. And this baby was so wanted, just like the sign below states.
This was a gift from my husband and the sign is not crooked~I just need to improve on my photography skills!
I have an appreciation for homemade gifts, so this quilt is very special. It was a gift from my coworkers.
The photos on either side of the window were taken when our little bundle was just a few days old. I highly recommend having newborn photos taken. They grow so quickly. The photo on the right is the wooden bowl that we keep our remotes in. Even a few weeks later, she was unable to fit in that bowl (we tried…she fell out and cried…I was upset…she was not hurt…now we laugh about it)
I also love her closet. Since I am obsessed with interested in organizing, this is perfect.


I think my little girl loves the closet the best as she can often be found in here, reading her books..
Well, that baby that the room was created for is now my almost-two-year old little girl and this room suits her so well. As anticipated, we spend time in her cuddling and reading and rocking together. The room is calming and comfortable and each piece that was chosen for this space has meaning and purpose. As we prepare for an upcoming transition to a little girl’s room, it is the next chapter for all of us…. but until then, we will enjoy this space a little longer.
Thanks for stopping by!



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